Missing You A Lot Today..

I was recently going through my phone contacts while sitting in class. I stumbled upon my Aunt Paige's number. It brought tears to my eyes that it will soon be a year in December. A year that went by so far. I guess I never realized how much things can change in a year. . . Then later today my phone called her number on accident, it went through and I heard that voice. That voice that means so much to me. The voice that can calm me like my mom's only can. It brought tears to my eyes. . . I miss her so much. But I know that she is in a better place. I hate those cliches. But it's true. She was an amazing woman. I love her. And I hope that I am making her proud and continue to do so.. Always in my thoughts. Forever and always..

One of the most beautiful ladies I've ever met. And for sure one of the most important people I've ever met. I miss that smile.. but the love she had for my uncle James and the love he has for her is what keeps me going and gives me hope..


Hottttiiiieeee, well bonfire!

Back in good old Sexburg. It's a different semester for sure. Not so much drama, a lot more homework, and this time I have a boyfran. It's crazy to me to know that I found someone this amazing. He is a goof, and he makes me crazy sometimes but I wouldn't change a thing. It's hard being at school without him, but he is only 45 minutes away. I'm kinda embarrassing that way. I can't help it! I hate being away from my love! And to clear up any rumors, to those of you who do read my blog haha we aren't engaged YET but we will be shortly. Yup. I found the one. The Prince. The person who makes every song come true. And yes he is from Blackfoot, Idaho. But I love that about him among every other thing. I could go on forever about how amazing he is and how lucky I am. But that's our story. But for now here are some pictures my lovelies from the first few days back in Idddaaahoooo.

 First time meeting all the boys friends, and we kept getting photo bombed in every picture. But seeing him smile is worth it every time.
 Photo bomber by Ty. Sean's favorite picture from the night.
 Mar Bar and Mads, it was a tad chilly down by the river.
 My boo.
 No matter how many times I say I hate this face.... I actually love this face.

 Can't Wait to marry this man.
East Idaho State Fair with the Bestie! :) Good to be reunited. Let Fall Semester Begin. And the Crazy memories as welll...


The Man Visits Seattle!

 Fancy Dinner
 Pikes Place Visit
 Saturday Morning Family Brunch
 After our Sunday afternoon nap :)

 Couldn't be Happier
Pink Door Lunch


Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Adventures in Washington

This past weekend I got to be able to have one of my best friends come up and visit me! We met in London when I studied abroad and stayed close once we came back to the real world. I am so grateful for this girl! Miss Madeline Eliza Gibbs. She is what a best friend is. I am so glad she came up and got to see the craziness of what I live in and how much I love my valley! It was such a great time and I miss her like crazy but I will see her soon! Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!

 Whidbey Island. One of my favorite places to go and so happy I got to share it with her!
 Sunday Afternoons. Lazy and laying in the sun when it finally comes out!
 Sistas Foreva
 "You really should take pictures where you aren't so huggy, it might make your boyfriends jealous." -Mom

 Snuggle. Hahaha
 Rattlesnake Lake
And last but not least had to take her to Seattle and to the gum wall. Of course allllll weekend it was way sunny and so warm. Those are the days that make living in Washington worth it!


Couldn't Be Happier

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -Dr. Seuss


Happy 4th of July Weekend!

What a great weekend. One for the books. A crazy one full of ups and downs but so amazing all in itself. These are the moments I live for and what make taking life day by day worth it all!

Camping with the boy? Check.
Swimming until I was darker than ever? Check.
Riding the ski doo all over the lake? Check.

 4th of July in Idaho Falls